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Photo by Sean Doyle at FaerieWorlds Festival 2005

I was raised in the beautiful un-glaciated hills of Southwest Wisconsin. My mother is a prolific artist, my father an ingenious and successful inventor. My parents were divorced when I was young, and I lived with my  mother, who  raised me with obvious influence from her childhood as the daughter of a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice.  Our home was filled with art from travels to various countries and I was often allowed to go along  and learn about other cultures.  I developed an appreciation for the arts in these places and a deep love for travel.  

Living in the country, I also developed a great imagination and love for the outdoors.  I would pretend the dirt banks that were held together by tree roots were cave dwellings for faeries and I always hoped I would encounter a real faerie someday.

I have done a wide range of things, from scenic painting and making props and sets for film and theatre, to designing jewelry, clothing, landscape architecture, working is a creative director, teaching art, acting, and whatever other creative things I could think to do. I am a professional brainstormer and a certified hypnotherapist.

I help people with various life issues, habits, weight loss, and the dying process.

The Faerie Factory™ is lined with shelves from floor to ceiling along a 36 foot long room. In another area my raw materials take up an equal amount of space and I'm currently adding on for future works.



I have been creative since I was a child, and have always loved nature. I'm inspired by my mother, who has always seen the world with wider and more colorful eyes than anyone else I have known. I think that's why I can look at a curly grape tendril and see part of a chandelier, and why I build tiny homes furnished completely down to the tiniest detail.

I'm inspired by nature and awed by time. When I'm making faerie things (houses, furniture, pirate ships, archeological digs-you name it-I make it), I often lose a sense of time and slip away into another place. My studio becomes a whirlwind of flying debris, and sometimes I find myself giggling at the things I'm making.


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I'm also looking for oddities of nature. Weird flower pods and interesting bark. Birch bark, cat tail leaves, wooden spools, charms, beads, buttons, lace, etc. If you have these things and don't know what to do with them, send them my way or sign up for a workshop and make them into something faerie cool.

THANK YOU PEG MILLER for donating your lifetime collection of assemblage pieces for my work. You have been a great inspiration to me and I love you dearly. You have touched me with your creativity and I am inspired by your incredible gift of treasures. I hope to carry on your legacy through my work.


I can  be reached by email at tatiana@faeriefactory.com

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Cerebral Palsy